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The Week

2015 February 6


You know those days or weeks or months where you look back and aren’t quite sure how you made it through?

This felt like one of those weeks.

Impossibly long in some ways, incredibly quick in others.

My mind and my focus were forced into so many different directions – kids, career, family, personal – sometimes within the same millisecond, or so it seemed.

We started it with a little stress about one of my kids and their health, which is never a pleasant experience. It appears all is fine now, but that fear and uncertainty, no matter how unfounded, shakes you to the core every time, doesn’t it? The what ifs can literally eat away at you and even when you come out the other side with a sigh of relief…you never forget that feeling and you never want it to come back even though you know it eventually will…as a mama, it always does.

I have a big week ahead of me with a work trip to New York and then an early morning departure on my first day back for some mountain time with my crew and some friends for President’s Day. So this weekend will be one last opportunity to recharge for the days ahead.

Planning to soak up every millisecond…even if my mind doesn’t slow down.

Have a good one! xx

*image above is some of this week’s highlights from Instagram. You can find me at @wwgwynethdo. 

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