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Today You Are Four

2014 December 20


Today you are four.

Today you are my heart. You fill me up with every smile, every saying, every little thing you do.

Today you have graduated from fire trucks and construction workers to superheroes and Transformers.

Today you are a boy’s boy whose best friend is a girl. Your sister.

Today you weigh 39 pounds. You are still tall for your age and it seems like you grow another inch every week. A lot of your jeans are a touch too short.

Today you love fruit more than anything. You call yourself a “fruitatarian.”

Today you have a little trouble with your s sounds. School is chsool. Spider is psider. I like to think of it as an early sign of genius.

Today you love preschool. You say goodbye to us every morning with a smile on your face and a jump in your step and you take on that play yard with all your might. It’s a big departure from last year.

Today you are incredibly well-behaved. You say please and thank you, you listen (for the most part) and you respect everyone around you.

Today you have called Santa’s hotline three times and you want to call it just once more.

Today you are a leader. A talker. A doer.

Today you love to go to bed. You don’t nap like a lot of other kids your age so when it’s lights out, your little body happily gives in.

Today you wake up every single morning wanting Honey Nut Cheerios. Apparently daddy makes them better than I do. I am ok with that.

Today you like routine and schedule and the comforts of home.

Today you like to go to the library and the park. You like the beach too, but only once you get there.

Today you bring a love to our family that we didn’t know we were missing. You bring so much incredible joy to the people who know you and shower them with so much warmth and sunshine.

Today you still like to cuddle, but it’s quick. We call them “Kai-ddles.”

Today you are my little man. The one who stole my heart and will hold it in his hands forever. The one I will cherish every year, with every growing inch, with every happy smile. The one that we will celebrate every Christmas with an unparalleled sense of appreciation and joy. The one whose four short years on this earth have made enough of an amazing impact to last a lifetime.

Today you are four. And I love you more than any of these words can possibly say.

Happy birthday, Kai.

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  1. Karsha permalink
    December 20, 2014

    Sooooo beautiful! Happy birthday little warrior Kai!! You are amazing (natch – just look at your mom).

  2. Erin permalink
    December 21, 2014

    Such a beautiful way to express your son’s 4 years. My son will be 4 in 3 months and I’m going to take your idea and write this down – also, when my daughter turns 6 in July.
    So beautiful. I also love your book of the year idea – great idea. I feel like I’m spinning time goes by so fast and I’m working very hard at slowing down to enjoy all the stages and moments that are right in front of me so I don’t miss them!
    Happy 4th Birthday to your son, Kai!

    • WWGD permalink*
      December 22, 2014

      You should! I have been doing them every year for both kids and I love the idea of printing them all out some day and binding them into a book for each one…these years are so magical. We will all love the reminder 🙂

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