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Friday Night

2014 September 26



I’m sitting here on a quiet, cool Friday evening with a glass of wine in-hand, flipping through a cookbook while my kids scarf down their dinners to get to their reward: Friday night movie night.

“You look tired mama,” says Little D in that innocent, carefree way that kids have about them that lets them get away with saying whatever they want.

“Are you tired?”

“I am tired,” I told her.

There are bags under my eyes. My hair is in a state of messy that only your family can appreciate. My bones are weak from too many long days and too many long nights.

This week brought with it two huge work events, lots of smaller work deadlines and obligations, back-to-school nerves that needed to be tended to each and every morning. It brought late nights and early mornings, meals on-the-go and not enough water. It brought with it spilled milk and picky eaters and cranky clients and homework.

And it brought with it Friday night.

When I look really tired. When I feel really tired. When my hair is a mess and my wine glass is full and my house is torn apart.

And with that, it also brought a sense of joy and peace. It brought many internal reminders to find patience and gratitude and happiness…in everything. A busy, full week. A million opportunities to be thankful for. Two little kids who can point out the bags under my eyes and love them nonetheless.

This week brought a lot to my life and to be able to sit back and reflect on it all, glass of wine in-hand, cookbook ready to be explored, with nothing else to think about or tend to for this one moment…proud and happy and tired…

That brings me everything.

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