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A Little Pause

2014 September 23


Hello strangers.

It has been a busy week around here; lots of work obligations, a semi-impromptu weekend jaunt to Vegas (that’s us stuck in traffic in the pic above), and two little kids who have needed some extra love these days.

Not sure if it’s the back-to-school thing or the shift in seasons, but both of my young ones, particularly Little D, have been feeling out of sorts. Random tears, tired bodies, busy minds that can’t seem to settle down.

Or maybe they are just picking it up from me…

So I am trying to take it semi-easy this week and focus on what “has” to be done and not everything I would “like” to get done.

Because sometimes that’s just good enough.

Don’t you think?

More to come soon enough and in the meantime, have a great day. xx

PS – if you’re local to San Diego, hope to see you at the new J. Crew store opening tomorrow night. Details here.

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  1. September 23, 2014

    there are those days, those weeks. it just happens. recognizing it and doing what needs to be done, at whatever level…so good. take care of you (all)

  2. September 25, 2014

    We feel the same. The boys had strep throat two weeks ago and I’m taking them back to the doctor today. Tommy’s lymph nodes in his neck are still swollen and both boys tonsils are still big. I think it’s time to take it a little easy for the rest of the week.

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