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A Day To Remember

2014 September 11

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This has been a nutty week in so many ways and today seems like a good day to take a step back, look around, be thankful for everything we have and to remember.

Here is my story of September 11th.

We all have one.

This day touched every single one of us in some way and continues to, year after year.

Wherever you are today, whatever the hours ahead bring you, find a quick moment to think of New York, of New Yorkers, and of all the people around the world who are touched by this day.

Never forget.

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  1. September 11, 2014

    It was a very strange day for us too. It still seems very unreal. It was like all work in this country stopped, except for those rescue workers that were there that day. Our teenage daughter was a baby. I just wanted to get to her quickly and hug her tight. My husband was supposed to be in one of those buildings for a meeting that day, but he chose to go to our local office instead. Again, it still seems surreal that something like this ever occurred. My hearts go out to those that lost loved ones on that day.

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