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Hello September

2014 September 1


Most people think of seasonal affective disorder (SAD) as an issue that affects people in the deep throes of winter.

Bottomless temperature readings, snow piling up, wind chill factors that rattle your bones…I have lived it and I know it’s enough to make even the happiest of souls feel seriously under the weather after a few months.

So when we moved from Montreal to California more than ten years ago, I assumed I was leaving all talk of SAD behind me.

Until it started affecting me…on an entirely different level.

You see, every year as we usher in the new month of September and with it, a new season, I get a little sad. We don’t have the seasons here. Yes, the temperature may dip here or there for a day or two between November and February, but it doesn’t dip far and the shining sun is sure to warm your bones anyhow. Typically, we can hit the beach on Christmas, spend Halloween in a tank top and usher in the New Year with the sunroof wide open. I know, to many (most) of you, that sounds like paradise. And please don’t mistake this as me whining about life in California, because it certainly comes with its perks. I know that. But the reality is that this time of year – as happy as it should be – often leaves me feeling a little melancholy.

So this year, we’re trying to combat that. We’ve booked a trip to New York in October to see the changing leaves and catch a little chill. We’re hoping to escape to see some real snow over the holidays. We will light pumpkin-scented candles and string up twinkly lights and cuddle up under the blankets with our virtual fireplace (since our house doesn’t have one, we have a cheesy fireplace DVD and let me tell you…it gets a workout over here) roaring bright.

We will warm up our little home even if the weather outside it never cools.

And hopefully it will warm up my soul a little, too.

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  1. Laura permalink
    September 2, 2014

    Raluca – this is exactly how I feel. We live up the coast from you in LA and am originally from London, so I really crave some cooler weather this time of year. I end up OD’ing on Instagram photos of chillier climes, whilst trying not to get depressed looking at and seeing the temps stay in the upper 80s for the next couple of weeks. My Mum thinks I’m whinging, and when she’s over here at Christmas, she just wants the heat and sun, but I think we’ll go to the mountains for some chill too!

  2. September 2, 2014

    I do love fall. I think if I ever moved where the four seasons didn’t exist, I’d need a dose of fall to keep me happy. I don’t think fall is starting for us yet though. We’ve had a relatively cool summer. It was rarely in the 90s. However, now that school started and it’s September, now we’re having 90 degree weather daily as the kids are going back to school!

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