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Running Away With The Circus

2014 July 9


Yesterday was quite the day.

I felt like my brain didn’t pause for a minute. It jumped from obstacle to obstacle: client emails and work deadlines one minute, coordinating picks ups and drop offs the next. Booking family vacation details, conference calls, a little writing, bill paying, grocery runs, glasses of milk to pour, laundry to fold, and of course, more work emails.

Sometimes it feels like the “juggling act” many of us call life is more of a full-blown circus. My mind rarely has the opportunity to focus on any one thing without something else nagging at it in the background. Life is full and busy and hectic and in an odd way, perfect.

Those days that never seem to stop can often be the most fulfilling for me. I look back at the end of it all, when my eyes are fighting to stay open and my brain is trying desperately to shut down, and I am proud.

I am proud that I managed to keep a business, a family and a personal life afloat for one more day. I am proud that I found the energy and confidence to take on everything that the world threw at me. I am proud that while my day was seemingly non-stop, I conquered it all.

Later in the evening I was invited to a neighbor’s home for a community potluck. I had a whole Pinterest board full of recipe ideas at the ready but in the end, I baked brownies from a box (Ghirardelli, in my defense) and topped a powdered onion dip mix with some fresh chives and bacon bits to make it look homemade.

I spent a lovely few hours with a variety of different women: some young, some old; some mothers, some not; some working, some stay-at-home moms. We swapped stories of our busy days over these delicious cocktails that you must make (all the rage in Germany, apparently) – all of them busy in different ways.

Each of them their own little circus.

And when it came to dessert, mine was served on the plate above.

A friendly reminder about modern-day motherhood and everything it entails to make it work for you and your family.

Sometimes it means only making it through half of your to-do list for the day or letting the kids watch a cartoon while you wrap up a work project or bringing brownies from a box. Sometimes it means answering emails at nine at night or booking a babysitter or stepping away from it all for an hour to yourself. Sometimes it means looking back on the day with pride and sometimes it means looking back on it with frustration or exhaustion.

Whatever it means for me, it’s my life and I am proud of it.

Of everything I have accomplished and continue to accomplish each and every day.

Of my little circus.

Because we are not just a “juggling act” in this thing called life, ladies.

We are the ring leaders.

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  1. elizabeth permalink
    July 9, 2014

    Love this truthful post. I am a huge fan of how your writing comes full circle. It always gives me chills and I appreciate that.

    My favorite part being,

    “Because we are not just a “juggling act” in this thing called life, ladies.

    We are the ring leaders.”


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