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Notes On A Monday

2014 June 16


Mondays are always hard to adjust to but I think this time of year is particularly tough.

The sun is shining, the winds are warm, your kids are in summer mode and sitting at your computer to face a list of deadlines and to-dos is anything but welcoming.

What I really love about the weekends lately is the time I have spent on nurturing myself as much as my little family. I’ve always been big on planning fun weekend outings for them, menu planning for the week ahead and tidying up the house so we can start the week with a clean slate.

It’s always nice to start Monday on the right foot.

But lately I’ve also realized the importance of using that time to be creative, to seriously relax, and to plan ahead for myself as well as my family.

This weekend that meant some writing, some reading (am halfway through A Homemade Life and loving it), some baking (we made these – not our first time – and they are to die for), but most importantly, playing around with some flower arrangements.

If you’ve been following along lately, you’ve seen how my lifelong love of florals has blossomed into something more…and I really want to make the time and find the resource to indulge in that a little (you can see some of my first attempts on Instagram). Writing has always been my creative outlet but when you’re writing, you’re always in your head. For better or for worse. This is a totally different release. It’s all about aesthetics and instinct and getting out of your own head and letting your hands take over. As with any new endeavor, some things worked and some didn’t. I started from scratch a few times. I had a moment or two of frustration until I realized it was just flowers. And finally, I brought my very first arrangement to a friend who was hosting a party on Saturday evening and held my breath as I handed it over. She loved it. Before she even knew it was mine.

So in the months ahead, while the sun is shining and the winds are warm and my kids are running amok, I will be spending my weekdays in front of the computer and my weekends…out of my head.

Have a great week.

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  1. Lindsay permalink
    June 16, 2014

    I love this! A few years ago I desperately needed a creative outlet so I took a floral design class. I have been able to do flowers for several friends’ weddings and it’s so fun, relaxing and gratifying to take simple grocery store flowers and turn them into something even more beautiful. It can be a surprisingly useful hobby to have!

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