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American Blogger

2014 April 7

American Blogger” is a new feature film coming out later this year that gives a behind-the-scenes look at the life of bloggers around the country.

I am very intrigued, obviously. I got into this blogging thing as an outlet for writing many years ago and as it progressed and evolved it has become an extension of my life that I can’t imagine being without.

It gives me a forum for my writing and has propelled me in ways I didn’t even know I needed to be propelled. I am writing more now than ever before – some of it good, some of it not so good, but all of it thoughtful and personal and incredibly therapeutic. It allows my writing to be read and my opinions to be voiced and for a very opinionated person, that is a very good thing. To hear that some of my perspective or advice or experiences resonate with other women around the world has been ground-breaking for me in so many ways. To be able to capture even a fraction of what a complete stranger across the country sitting in front of her laptop may be feeling or thinking and to let her know she’s not alone in that…is amazing. It has introduced me to other incredible writers. People who capture their daily moments so eloquently, people who share their grief and their triumphs with such clarity and vision that their stories – even if I don’t know them personally – stay with me for days. Blogging has made me a reader again. And finally, it has welcomed me with open arms into a new community. A community of smart, interesting, ambitious women who find a little time in their busy days to stop by here or Facebook or Instagram and say hello or thank you or hey, did you hear about this…a community of women looking for inspiration and support and encouragement.

It has become so much more than just an outlet for writing.

It has become an outlet for my thoughts and my dreams and my inspirations.

One that I am thankful for every day.

I hope you have something similar in your life and if not, I hope you find the time to look for it.

Happy Monday! xx

Laura at Hollywood Housewife is also talking about her life as a blogger this week. Check out her first post on the topic here.

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  1. April 7, 2014

    How is it possible I had NOT heard of this upcoming movie? Thanks for bringing it to my attention. So glad to discover your blog through my friend Lindsey Mead’s mention today on her blog. Lots of great stuff here. I’ve been scrolling through for a while now!

    • WWGD permalink*
      April 8, 2014

      Thank you so much – happy to have you stop by! đŸ™‚

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