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A Mid-Week Pause

2014 March 5


Here is what happened with Tuesday this week.

It knocked me down. I was crabby and insecure and moody and in general, not happy. I did everything I just told you not to do: I compared myself to others, I lost sight of my blessings, I hated my physical appearance. I went to work out to try and shake my blues and even that didn’t help. A brownie did. But only a little. I gave in to my mood and let it dictate the day and the only solace I found was turning in very early for bed and making the day just go away.

Well today is Wednesday. And it’s already feeling a little lighter and a little brighter.

I am treating myself to a blow out. I have a few business meetings to tend to and then I am seeing one of my best friends from Montreal for dinner tonight at LA Chapter, the restaurant in the new Ace Hotel. I am excited to see her and catch up, to take in the Ace (which I heard is gorgeous), and to set a whole new tone for a whole new day.

Thankfully there is always another one to look forward to.

Have a happy Wednesday.

*image above of LA Chapter via here

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  1. March 7, 2014

    Those days suck Raluca! I know the feeling as I’ve had a few lately. Good on you for working out. I laughed when you said the brownie helped a little- that’s exactly what I’d try. Hope the rest of your week went well. đŸ™‚

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