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Saturday Reads

2014 March 1


Hello, March! February was fine, but I am always open to change, so I am welcoming the new month with open arms…and a sleepy mind. Kai kept us up all night last night with what I think was growing pains. So this morning, curling up with a cup of coffee and some good reads sounds just perfect. Here are some of the things that caught my eye this week.

50 Healthy Habits Every Woman Should Have

Did you read about the lady who gave birth on the street in New York’s Upper East Side neighborhood this week? Quite a story – sometimes the kindness of strangers is astounding and it’s so nice to read a heart-warming tale in the news these days. Mama and baby are doing well and now looking for one of the good samaritans who helped them out – they named their baby after her and want to say thanks.

A very well-written story about one editor’s journey into five days of total silence.

The 10 things you must have in your home by the time you are 30. Did you see the Instagram pic of our one lonely plant? By the skin of my teeth…

Sigh. Raise your hand if you miss Carrie and the girls.

I was lucky enough to have the team at The Huffington Post publish three (!) more of my pieces recently! Pinch me. I am a writer for The Huffington Post. You can see all my posts for them here.

Hope you have a lovely day!

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