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Saturday Reads

2014 February 1


Tell I will. Here are some links you may like on this Saturday morning:

I love this song and this rendition made me happy.

Five kid-approved ways to show your love. I am pretty consistent about three of them.

The best plants for indoor use. I feel like I make note of these lists all the time and yet we still HAVE NO PLANTS. Must buy plants.

The future of personal blogging. Interesting read for those of us who blog. Are some of the big fish turning into online magazines vs actual personal blogs? Does it matter if they do? Do you want to read a blog that is written exclusively by that blogger? I am going to say yes, but also understand the need to grow and evolve, especially if it’s paying the bills. I really like Jessica Quirk‘s perspective in this piece.

 Tracy Anderson’s food diet. And it’s surprisingly normal.

17 drugstore beauty finds every girl needs. I am definitely trying to explore more natural, good for me products in the beauty department (Davines Shampoo and Conditioner actually just arrived on my doorstep yesterday to try out) but sometimes a girl just needs to go nuts at Target.

This post from my friend Rachel about goals and choices and Beyonce…

Hope you choose to find some time for your dreams today. Happy Saturday!

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  1. Belle permalink
    February 6, 2014

    Timing couldn’t be better…plants! Since last week I have been on the hunt for the perfect indoor plant. And the #4 (Guiana Chestnut) & #5 (Snake Plant) have been top of my list. I have hesitated with the purchase because I sadly do not have my mom’s green thumb. But…I was able to revive another indoor plant, The Corn Plant, and it has restored my faith. Because of your post I WILL be buying more plants! =)

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