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2014 January 6


This morning I woke up to so many enthusiastic New Year messages on social media all about “making it happen” and “2014 is going to be THE year” and “now is the time to make your dreams a reality!”

And by 9:05 am, it felt like mine were already shattered.

I am used to hearing “no, thanks” in life. I am an entrepreneur and a writer and a PR person. “No” is something I am used to. And usually I can move on from it rather quickly. No? Ok, let’s find someone to say yes. No? Ok, but perhaps this might work instead. No? Ok, onto the next.

But sometimes, on certain occasions, all you want is a yes.

When you know an opportunity or project or idea should be a yes, you really want it to be a yes and you know it would be really amazing for everyone if it was a yes, hearing no is hard.

I heard “no” a little too early in the year this year.

A no that I really wanted to be a yes. A no that I actually really cared about and pictured being a yes for many weeks before it became a no. A no that somehow, in my mind, already managed to set the tone for the year in a matter of minutes. Even though I know it shouldn’t. Even though I know it will mean nothing in a few days, weeks, months. Even though I know that every no leads the way to another yes that was meant to be.

I know all that. But I wanted a yes.

And I want to make it happen. And I want this to be the year. And I want to make my dreams a reality.

It just may have to wait until tomorrow morning instead.

*image above via Death To The Stock Photo, a great new resource for you bloggers out there

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  1. joi permalink
    January 6, 2014

    the no’s are crushing at times. for a particular situation we had heard nothing but “no’s” the entire 2013. no to everything. i’m praying hoping crossing my fingers for just one yes. because like you said, every no can lead to a yes. what was meant to be will be.
    i can’t make you feel better about your no, but i’m giving you a virtual lil piece of Vosage chocolate. and thank you for an inspiring 2013 and looking forward to more of your blog in 2014 🙂

  2. January 6, 2014

    HUGS!! It can be crushing. You *will* be fine though.

  3. January 12, 2014

    Great topic Gwyneth,

    I’ve found that usually a “no” isn’t always a “no” but instead a “not right now” or a “not yet.”

    However i’m not sure of the exact circumstance, just my two cents! Maybe a new “yes” from something soon will reset your tone.

    Best of luck!

    -David @deathtostock

    P.S Thanks for the photo cred 🙂

    • WWGD permalink*
      January 12, 2014

      Yes, am hoping you are right. Thank YOU for the great idea — already putting it to good use. Thanks for stopping by! — Raluca

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