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Must-Have: Olivine

2013 December 5

Olivine Perfume Oils-WhatWouldGwynethDo

I haven’t been a perfume person for most of my life. My parents have always been heavy into colognes and perfumes and richly scented body lotions (in their typical Euro way) and I think it led my senses a little…astray.

That is until recently. I started to really enjoy Kiehl’s Original Musk and the bottle of Kai that I bought forever ago in honor of my son started to get a little more use.

A dab here, a dab there, it suddenly felt pretty and luxurious and subtle. As a good fragrance should.

And so when my eyes first fell in love with the look of Olivine, a line of handcrafted perfume oils made by a woman named Julie Merriman Wray in Seattle and presented in the most lovely little glass bottles, my nose was happy to follow along.

Her collection is rich without being overpowering and brings to mind days spent lying in the Hawaiian sun (Amongst the Waves), or a gardenia-filled garden (Olivine) or my personal favorite, Full Regalia, a comforting blend of Egyptian Jasmine, Moroccan Red Rose, Musk, Blackberry, and a hint of Patchouli (just a hint, because I am not your typical patchouli girl).

Every scent has a story and Wray tells them all with love, also donating 5 percent of each sale to Every Mother Counts, an organization developed to end preventable deaths caused by pregnancy and childbirth around the world.

That should be enough to engage anyone’s senses…don’t you think?

Olivine perfume oils are available online at Anthropologie and at select fine boutiques around the country.

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