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Holiday Card Favorites from Tiny Prints

2013 October 24


Ok guys, in one short week this whole Halloween thing will be behind us and we can focus on what’s really important: Christmas. Hannukah. Kwanza. Whatever you celebrate that falls in the month of December and comes with twinkly lights.

One of the elements of the holidays that has quickly jumped to the top of my favorites list is the holiday cards. Here are some of my favorite options from Tiny Prints, who we all know and love.


Growing up in Canada, no one ever did photo cards (and most still don’t there) but I love doing one for our little family each year, not only because we get to say hello to friends near and far, but because we get to keep them as an annual keepsake that shows how we have grown and changed through the years.


We tend to keep it limited, only sending out about 25 or so and keeping the list to close friends and family. We usually do a little photo shoot with my fabulous friend Fawn but I think that this year we are opting for a DIY shoot (i.e. I will be texting Fawn in a panic on December 15th, begging for a last-minute shoot) to test out our creative skills and keep our holiday budget (slightly) in check. I prefer natural-looking shots to overly posed ones, so a little bit of our personality shines through…because lord knows my kids have personality.


I prefer a flat card versus a folded one, even though I know the latter is easier to display. I love a lined envelope if I can find it and holiday stamps are a must. No American flags adorn these special little greetings.


And I usually do a pre-printed personal message on the back because my handwriting is pathetic these days and no one wants to try to decipher it after a few rum and egg nogs. But then Tiny Prints also has some really cute designs for the back and you’re forced to get creative with a personal message…or just opt out and assume the card is enough. Which it probably is.


So that’s our holiday card plan, in a nutshell. Keep it simple, stylish, sweet…and most importantly, make sure it gets out the door before the New Year!

From top:


Wonderfully cozy

Stenciled statement

Seasoned with love

Very Merry days

Joyous heart

You can see the whole Tiny Prints holiday collection online here and for a limited-time, they are offering free shipping with code FS13.

*Tiny Prints has offered me a special blogger discount in exchange for this post, but all picks and opinions are mine*


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