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Random Musings

2013 October 23


I have been struggling with what to post today. I hate that because sometimes you want to write and you want to share and you want to say hello but you don’t have a specific idea or topic in mind so part of you thinks “don’t write if you have nothing to write about” and then the other half of you says “screw it, just ramble.”

So here is my rambling post.

I am finally trying some products from SW Basics, the all-natural (I mean ALL natural, most of the products have only three ingredients in them) beauty brand out of Brooklyn that has been all the rage for months now. So far I am really liking the exfoliant for face. Will share more feedback once I have it. I also love the photo I snapped of the products above. I have been beating myself up for not getting to know our DSLR camera better, especially for the blog, because I know it’s what I should be doing. But sometimes that iPhone just takes good, easy shots and makes you want to go back to being lazy.

We ventured up to LA last night to help a friend celebrate the one-year anniversary of his PR agency. It’s funny, when I left my big agency job five years ago everyone asked me if I was starting my own agency and my immediate reaction was always “no, absolutely not.” I preferred the idea of working on my own, with a quiet, small desk and a curated list of clients and a very specific goal in mind. When I watched him last night, celebrating all his success with a rooftop full of beautiful, influential people, camera flashbulbs going off everywhere, drinks flowing, it made me happy there are people like him in the world whose first instinct is “hell yes!”

My husband and I took the time to sneak in a quiet dinner on our own before the party. You know I don’t believe in date night, but what I really mean by that is that I don’t believe in relying on date night. When it comes along as a pleasant surprise, it’s lovely…and it was lovely.

My sister sent me this TEDTalk by Elizabeth Gilbert (“Eat, Pray, Love” author) on creative genius and it’s worth a watch if you are struggling in any way with your creative outlet, how to grow it, how it should evolve, etc. etc. etc. Who me? Struggling with writing?? Never…

I just got a bunch of new likes on Facebook, which is always a fun surprise. Not quite sure where they came from, but more than happy to have them. Social media is such a fascinating thing.

Random enough for you? Enjoy your Wednesday 🙂

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