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My 5-Minute Face

2013 October 15


I have a confession to make and you might hate me for it.

I can get fully makeup ready for the day in five minutes. Maybe even four if Little D is late for school. For big nights out on the town? It might take me eight to add a red lip and some eyeliner.

I just don’t believe in spending precious time on long, drawn out beauty rituals so my routine is swift, simple and surprisingly stylish…if I do say so myself.

Here is how I do it:

I start with a great base. I slather on my Mario Badescu moisturizer (built-in SPF = time saver!) before I brush my teeth so it has some time to soak in and creates a really nice, smooth base for my skin.

Then foundation. You know how I swear by my Stila one already (don’t forget to enter the giveaway here). I dot it on the key t-zone areas using the cute little spatula it comes with, blend with a sponge and done. If I have a blemish to cover up, the concealer built into the foundation lid is quick to access and super effective.

I screwed up the order on my collage above, but my next step is the eye lash curler. I have a fancy Chanel one, but you can opt for any one. As long as you opt for one. It makes SUCH a difference. I give a quick 10-second hold to each eye and then let it sit while I…

Add a little color. I play around with blushes and bronzers but my daily go-to is usually my Bobbi Brown one. I use a bronzer brush and do a quick swipe on the apple of each cheek, down the nose and lightly around the eyebrows/temple area for added glow.

Back to the eyes. I skip eye liner for day but always wear a dark brown, blue (surprisingly great on brown-eyed girls!) or black mascara. I love the Cover Girl LashBlast ones because they are affordable, don’t leave me with clumps, and stay put.

I am obsessed with grooming my brows (because otherwise they would be big, bushy Romanian girl caterpillars) and always find time for a quick comb with a brow gel. I like this one from Anastasia Beverly Hills. When I have time, I fill them in with her brow kit, but that definitely falls into the eight-minute routine category.

Finally, I give my lips a little love with a gloss or balm. This Dior Glow one is a new favorite. It goes on clear but slowly brings out your natural lip color over time and feels yummy and super moisturizing.

And…done! And I still have time for another sip of my coffee before I am out the door 😉

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  1. Liz Duncan permalink
    October 15, 2013

    I’m a ten minute kind of girl, but every now and then I can cut it down. Now that I’m 30 and putting on makeup a minimum of 7x’s a week, it’s just not as much fun as it used to be. The times I can sit on my bathroom counter and really get into it is when I remember the good o’l days of makeup application.

  2. Kaly permalink
    October 15, 2013

    I’m all about the five minute face. My friend recently turned me onto Wet n Wild (I know stay with me) individual color eye shadows. They’re super cheap and last all day and are an easy one color swipe over the lids to add a little something. Always eyelash curler and always mascara for my blond, sparse lashes. I always feel better when I take the five extra minutes to polish up a bit.

  3. joi permalink
    October 18, 2013

    five minute face is my daily go routine:
    -tinted sunscreen
    -curl eyelashes
    -under eye concealer/brightener ( i am in LOVE with armani’s)
    -swipe of blush
    -pat of loose powder (psuedo foundation)
    -lip gloss
    and if i’m being seen out and about more than just school drop off and pick up, i do the 6 minute face…which means add mascara!

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