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A Lesson in Goals

2013 October 10


I am a huge believer in setting goals for yourself. And telling your sister to do the same. And telling your best friend to do the same. And telling your husband to do the same.

It’s like a to-do list for life. We always (or we should always) outline the things we need to take care of on a daily basis – deadlines, groceries, laundry, and repeat.

So why not do the same thing for life?

It’s so easy to lose ourselves in the everyday without looking at the big picture and we end up missing out because our eye is simply stuck on the wrong prize. That small accomplishment, that instant dose of satisfaction, that moment of stress. All the little things are important and impactful, don’t get me wrong, but they need to add up to a big thing eventually or I think we’re selling ourselves short. It’s easy to be afraid of setting big goals – of identifying dreams and wants and hopes…and then actually going after them. But I think it’s time we all do a little more of it.

This article offers some great advice on goal-making:

1. Keep them few in number.

2. Make them “smart.”

3. Write them down.

4. Review them frequently.

5. Share them selectively.

If you have a minute, read it in more detail for specific ideas and thoughts, it’s worth it.

Don’t underestimate what you can do with your whole life. And I promise that I won’t, either.

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