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A Thought For Your Sunday

2013 August 25


I have been wanting this year to end since like January 2nd.

Maybe it’s the 13, I don’t know, but it seems to keep bringing me little bouts of bad luck that I can do without.

It’s all relative, of course, I read news stories and blog posts and even random Tweets that remind me how very lucky I am, but overall, this year hasn’t had my best interests at heart.

Or maybe it has.

It has certainly taught me to reflect a little more. To appreciate smaller things. To be cautious. To be conservative and bold at the same time. To slow down and think ahead. It has taught me to be thankful when times are good and appreciative when days are easy. It has shown me that I crumble a little too easily under pressure and that needs to be fixed. That I care with all my heart. That I have to move forward in order to progress.

This crappy year has done me some good in all of its bad.

I came across the image above the other day (yes, via Pinterest…of course) in a moment when I really needed to. I was angry and bummed out and frustrated about some recent career developments that weren’t going my way and then I realized…maybe my way needs to take a little detour.

Maybe this is just another lesson that 2013 is trying to teach me so I can be prepared and ready for all the amazing things coming in 2014.

And maybe it will happen more quickly than I ever expected.

Because doesn’t it always, in the end?

The good shows up just when you need it to.

Happy Sunday.

*image via here*

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