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Work Wear

2013 July 31


Working from home comes with endless benefits but a great professional wardrobe isn’t one of them.

I do not work in my pajamas. I made that a hard and fast rule from day one. But I would be lying if I said I dressed to the nines and did my hair and make up on meeting-less days.

The office can (and should!) be your own personal runway and it’s a big part of corporate culture that I miss.

Having fun with fashion at work makes the days more inspiring, puts you in a happy place, and shows that you care about your image…and your results.

These are some looks I would be loving if I were to find myself back at a 9-to-5.

(above) Simple, chic, powerful. But I can’t wear heels that high, let’s be honest.


Love this look for casual Fridays. Do they still do that?!?


A pretty, yet polished look for brainstorms and board rooms.


Another casual Friday favorite…especially if you work in a creative industry.


Bright colors to make you stand out on the staffing chart.


And finally, my idea of a perfect professional look. Comfortable, personal, chic…and French, of course.

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  1. August 1, 2013

    LOVE these ideas! Not so sure if casual Fridays still exist. Where I work EVERY day is casual Friday. 🙂

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