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The Power of Girls

2013 July 26


There are times in life – some of them happy, some of them sad, some of them empowering and some of them not – when the only way to look at it is through the eyes of a fellow female.

This week I had a few of those moments.

First, I met up with a new friend for coffee, both of us coming to the table with a similar set of frustrations and issues with inspiration that needed nothing more (for that day, at least) than to be aired out over lattes. We only met a few months ago but the conversation flowed like it had been there for years. Nodding in hearty agreement with each other. Laughing at how eerily similar our insecurities and fears were. Wondering aloud how we were going to fix them.

Then I went to an event last night where I ran into two of my favorite bloggers. I always feel like a small fish in the big blogging ocean but these women instantly offered words of support and encouragement and even looked to me for insight on a few topics, which left me feeling accomplished and ready to keep swimming. They probably didn’t know it, but sometimes even a seemingly small conversation can have such a big impact.

Today I caught up with an old friend on the phone for the first time in months. The conversation was easy as always, despite the extended hiatus, but when she asked me how I was doing and quickly answered her own question by saying “it looks like everything is going so great, as usual!” I actually told the truth. Things are fine, I said. But they could be better. My voice cracked a little. Instead of saying “good!” like we all do so many times when we’re asked how we are, I shared the not so good as well. The not so good is still better than most, but as women I find we’re always hiding it away when sometimes we need to just let it out…no matter how big or small it may seem. So I did. And it was big, for both of us I think, simply because it was said.

Then finally, I had the luxury of spending some quiet, alone time with Little D after I picked her up from school. Her brother was napping, her father was out for business meetings and there was nothing for us to do but lay in my bed, reading, sharing tales of our day, watching a little Barefoot Contessa (our guilty pleasure). This girl. This amazing, inspiring, beautiful little lady who fills me up with a smile, humbles me with her words and inspires me with just one look. All it took was one hour of quiet time, focused on nothing but me and her, the light in the room, the laughter and the joy.

That’s not just girl power.

That’s the power of girls.

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  1. Liz Duncan permalink
    July 29, 2013

    I enjoyed this entire post, but the last paragraph actually touched me the most, and I don’t even have kids of my own. The closest to me are my nieces and I can still relate to what you said about their smile and how inspiring just one look can be. I wish I could capture their innocence and put it in a jar because it is my favorite thing about them. My nieces make me feel so young and happy when I’m around them. Coming from five sisters, I used to only want boys if I had children, but now I definitely wouldn’t mind a daughter..or two.

  2. August 5, 2013

    Love this. I love my girlfriends and do feel like even the simplest conversations lift me up.

  3. August 6, 2013

    Thank you for an inspiring post. We do tend to do that as women. I’m not sure I understand why. Maybe we feel others are too busy? I really dislike the phone – perhaps because I worked in customer service for too long and it has killed my sense of the phone being a powerful communication tool for person to person contact. I owe my best friend and maid of honor a phone call. I think it would perk up her day. Nope, as a mom of 3 like me, I know a surprise call WILL perk up her day. You also got me thinking on tuning in for Barefoot Contessa with my 7yo daughter – she loves cooking and we need something to bond over that is simple!

  4. August 7, 2013

    this is a very nice post. I don’t know what I’d do without my girlfriends. Many of them live in different states, as we’ve lived in several, but even just catching up over the phone can work wonders!
    And, I have two little twin girls of my own. I look forward to our own girl moments together, and cherish those we’ve had so far.

  5. August 7, 2013

    I tend to bottle things up. I really should learn to rely more on my girlfriends. Everyone’s lives seem so perfect on the outside, but I need to remember that they may be feeling like I do sometimes.

    Snuggle time with my little girl always seems to brighten my spirits too.

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