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What Makes a Father

2013 June 16


What makes a father?

I think it’s love, first and foremost. A love you probably didn’t even know could exist.

I think it’s sacrifice. It’s early mornings, late nights, and lots of playtime in-between.

I think it’s work. In the home, outside of the home, everything done to better the home.

I think it’s humor. It’s finding the light in dark situations, making silly voices during bathtime and cutting animal shapes out of pancake breakfasts.

I think it’s dedication. The most important job you will ever have, that never pays a dime and insists on overtime every day. Even Sundays.

I think it’s strength. Supporting those around you, big and small, even when you are the one who may need it.

I think it’s gratitude. Learning to appreciate the small things in life, teaching those around you to do the same.

I think it’s discipline. Being a voice of reason so that lessons are learned and values are formed.

I think it’s you. And everything you do to make our family a happy, healthy, strong one.

Happy Father’s Day, Chris.



*photo above of us with Little D when she was first born, circa 2007. We were BABIES!

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    June 16, 2013


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