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Last Minute Valentine’s Treats

2013 February 12

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Last minute? Who, me?? Never…but in case you are stuck in a bind before Thursday and need a quick, easy Valentine’s treat for your kid’s class, here you go! This was inspired by the party popcorn I found on Pinterest a while ago and I am doubly impressed because a) I actually made something I pinned on Pinterest and b) it was as easy as the original recipe promised. And her pictures of it are so pretty, so go take a look.

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Ingredients: popcorn, white candy melts (the recipe recommended these over white chocolate because they are easier to melt evenly), and some sprinkles…we opted for Valentine’s ones to make them holiday-appropriate.

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You melt the candy melts for one minute at 50% power and then in 30 second intervals (I did those on high) until it is smooth. It took me four more 30 second intervals. And even then, it was smooth but still so thick I couldn’t really drizzle it on the popcorn. We ended up pouring it on with a spoon and then used our (clean) hands to gently mix it with the popcorn. Warning: that candy stuff is HOT at first. So proceed with caution and make sure it’s cool before you let your littles handle it. But once it is, Little D loved mixing it all up herself.

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Sprinkle with non pareils. Easy as that. Also a great step for the kids to do. Make sure you do it before the melted candy topping hardens, have to move semi-quick.

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I found these awesome little Valentine’s takeout boxes at Michael’s and Little D filled them each to the brim…at this point, I am basically on the couch with a glass of wine, patting myself on the back because if you saw me last year on the night before the big day, the scene was definitely a little more frantic.

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We used mailing labels and had Little D sign each one in red marker and stick them on herself. Now I will pop them in the fridge to make sure they don’t melt before Thursday…and then go back to my wine and consider this a parenting victory.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

PS – what’s also nice about this idea is that it can be personalized for any holiday, birthday party theme colors, baby showers, etc.

And did I mention the kids do half the work?? 😉

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  1. February 13, 2013

    I am SO making these for my work friends! Now if only I had a child to do half of that work for me… 😉

  2. liz duncan permalink
    February 13, 2013


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