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Making My Monday

2012 December 10

Sigh. I am really going to have to rally to find an inner dose of optimism this morning. I was up all night with Little D who is suffering from a hacking cough (that she has had on and off for two years now, super fun) and am now trying to get through to doctor’s office at the peak of sick season for a last-minute appointment. I got my hair colored last week and it looks kind of terrible so I need to spend more money (and time, which there seems to be very little of these days) to fix it this week. It is two weeks from Christmas Eve and I still have not bought one present. Ok, enough whining. We’re all busy. We’re all sick. We may not all have terrible hair, but in the grand scheme of things, what does that matter….right?? Here are five things I am looking forward to this week:

The blueberry muffins above, via Gwyneth Paltrow’s cookbook. I whipped them up in NO time yesterday morning for a Sunday treat and they were just as delicious today and will be again tomorrow, I am sure. You can find the recipe here. Read their tips too, they are worthwhile, especially the one about the cold milk.

I am hosting a little holiday soirée on Saturday night for a few couples (sans kids!). I did the same party last year – it’s cocktails and canapés, which means everything is bite-size, easy to eat, prep and clean, low-fuss chic. Hopefully the above-mentioned hair troubles will be a memory by then. These are the desserts I am serving, so excited to see them.

I have a fun gift guide – this time for the BFFs in your life – coming to The Post Social later this week. Stay tuned for the link!

We started “The Town” the other night and hope to finish it in the coming days. I never watch a movie in one sitting. It’s the old lady in me, I always fall asleep. But the first half of this one was so good, I actually made skater hubs stop it so I can catch the end.

This is the last full work week of 2012. I have a few things to wrap up, 2013 projects to prep for, but am planning on really savoring and enjoying a few weeks of relaxation and family time come next Thursday. Yikes…next Thursday!

Happy Monday ~

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