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One Day with Hollywood Housewife

2012 November 16

You may have seen the #onedayhh hashtag floating throughout your Twitter and Instagram feeds yesterday (you certainly saw it if you follow me!).

It was a fun initiative put forth by Laura from Hollywood Housewife inspiring us all to document our day – the banal and the brilliant – and share it with the world to see.

It was more enlightening than I expected.

My day was actually kind of rotten for various reasons and when I looked back on the pictures, I could see why. Work, tech support, more work, and very little anything else.

But nonetheless, here it is – maybe it will inspire you to inject a little more fun into tomorrow 🙂

(Above) How I started my day (and most days): cup of English Breakfast and checking online essentials on my iPad.

My short commute: down the stairs to my desk. This is pretty much all that sits on it. Clear desk, clear mind.

My son deciding to throw a tantrum about wearing shoes when he was supposed to be out the door (and out of my hair) to the park.

Restarting my iMac. I wish I loved Apple more. I just bought this a few months ago and it has had a slew of problems ever since. Sigh.

Conference call. On mute.

Leftover tacos for lunch. If you know me, you know we always do Taco Tuesdays which always means Taco Lunch on Wednesdays…check the taco holders, we take it seriously.

Surprise, surprise. On hold with Apple tech support. I tried very hard to be nice to them.

Kai woke up mid-nap crying his eyes out. Daddy went up to soothe him back to sleep. We are so lucky that we both work from home and can share responsibilities.

Running on empty. By this point, in more ways than one.

Managed to drag myself to a late class at The Dailey Method. Was so worth it. I took out all my aggression on the bar and got in a laugh or two while I was at it.

Finished the night with a big glass of wine.

Left the phone in the car.

It was a smart move.

Thank you Laura for inviting me to play!

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  1. November 16, 2012

    Looks like a pretty good day to me!

  2. November 18, 2012

    I’m sorry your day wasn’t awesome, but it was still fun to see your details. I didn’t know that you and your husband both worked from home! I’m kind of jealous of that. My husband and I talk constantly throughout the day. It would be so much easier if he were just across the room! (although I’m sure it has its drawbacks.)

    This was such a fun project – thank you for playing along!

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