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A New Season

2012 September 4

I know summer is still technically underway for another few weeks (or for those of us enjoying current southern California temperatures, another few months) but so many things have signaled a new beginning this week even if the new season is still slightly out of our grasp.

Little D started kindergarten today. As I mentioned in a past post, it’s not the huge moment that many of you are experiencing, cameras in-hand and tears at the ready, but it still signals a shift for her and for us, as parents. She was definitely a little wary this morning at drop off, even though she was only two doors down from her previous class room. She saw her old teacher and gave her a big hug, embracing the familiar security, but also letting it go, knowing it wasn’t really hers to hold onto anymore. She looked around at all the names on the cubbies, recognizing old friends, taking in new ones. I snuck in one little photo with my phone amid the elaborate shoots happening around us and only one thought crossed my mind: this girl is going to rule the world some day. I just know it.

Schedules are slowly shifting back to normal. Our nanny is back from a month-long vacation (thank god, we MISSED her!) so Kai’s day-to-day is back on track. Bed times are trying to creep up earlier as dark evenings make their way forward. Work is kicking back into high gear with a month full of commitments and deadlines looming ahead. Holiday plans are on the horizon. Who’s coming when? Where will we go to find some snow? What does the Thanksgiving menu look like?

September brings with it a lot of welcome change, doesn’t it? The comforting kind that you want to wrap yourself up in and breathe deep. It means goodbye to impromptu ice cream runs, swimming every day, and a menu that consists of BBQ and not much else, but it also means hello to so much more…

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  1. September 4, 2012

    I’m happiest in fall. Absolute happiest.

  2. September 5, 2012

    I couldn’t agree more with your last sentence. I am so happy and excited to welcome a new season and new changes. Love your site!

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