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Must-Have – 21 Drops

2012 August 31

I so believe in the power of aromatherapy.

The sense of scent is one of my keenest — certain smells can bring me right back to my childhood (my mom’s Paris perfume), transport me straight to the beach (Coppertone), change the mood in any room (baking cookies), set the stage for any gathering (pine trees during the holidays)…I always have a candle burning and keep a “de-stressing” tube of essential oil in my desk at all times.

Aromatherapy is defined as an “alternative medicine” that uses essential oils and other aromatic compounds to help alter a person’s physical, mental, emotional and cognitive well-being.

The creative and cool 21 Drops took that concept and, in their own words, put it in a “little black dress.”

They have 21 unique blends to help combat everything from PMS to digestion to hangovers.

Why 21?

Because they did their research and these are the 21 everyday woes that seem to plague each one of us at one time or another. And their trios, including “The Weekender,” “Travel Well,” and “Take Control,” package together three complementary oils so you don’t have to spend time mixing and matching. There are custom blends available as well, in case none of the existing 21 options meet your needs…but really, how could they not?

Oh, and the company was founded by a mom of three. Which makes it even better, wouldn’t you say?

I am thinking I might need a Calm – Willpower – Inspire combo…you?

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