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Saturday or Sadder Day?

2012 August 24

There is an interesting article in the new issue of Parents Magazine entitled “Sadder Day” that looks at the writer’s struggle with her weekends. Between kids’ activities, birthday parties, shuttling around running errands, the whole idea of a few days of rest has taken, well, a break.

It was a familiar tale. I often used to get a little anxious looking to the weekend ahead, which was usually riddled with obligations, places to be and things to do.

But I think we have done a decent job of taking back our weekends and really enjoying the 48 hour pause from the routine, guilt-free.

Here’s how:

We try to make weekend mornings indulgent. Lots of coffee, warm croissants, cartoon-watching, magazine reading.

Yes, that little voice pops into my head:

“You should be working out right now.”

“You could be dusting that console.”

“There is laundry taking over your bedroom floor.”

I quickly tell it to hush.

We aim to keep errand running to a minimum and devote a few hours to it on Saturday mornings (after the indulgence) to get it out of the way. Disclaimer: we work from home, so we’re lucky enough to be able to do grocery runs on Tuesday mornings and Target trips on Thursday at lunch. So that helps, but our efforts to run through our to-do list in a timely manner so the rest of the weekend can be a blank slate helps even more.

We try to avoid our email. As a consultant, it doesn’t always work, but we try really hard to leave the iPhone use to Instagram, where we’re busy capturing memories and moments to laugh at later.

We politely decline a lot of invitations. Once your kids get to preschool, your life can easily be taken over by birthday party invitations. I learned a few months ago that we don’t HAVE to go to every single one. We try to go to as many as we can, because I always think about the birthday kid’s feelings, but I am much more comfortable now with saying no when we need (want) to.

We don’t over-program with activities. Little D does one thing at a time. Right now it’s swimming. This fall, it will be soccer. Just soccer. One hour per week.

We don’t let guilt rule. If there’s an opportunity to nap, we take it. If we want a burger, we go for one. If the kids end up going to bed later than we had hoped…so be it.

We try to get out of the car. A while back there was a period where we were always in the car on weekends, spending hours making trips to Ikea, Home Depot, the fancy mall that is over an hour away. Now we try to keep it local. If it takes longer than 15 minutes to get there, we’re probably going to pass.

I work out during the week. I am trying to find room for fitness five days of the week and Monday-Friday suits just fine. I may miss a day due to scheduling and then you will find me at The Dailey Method on a Sunday morning (missing out on the warm croissants and cartoons at home) but for the most part, if I do my due diligence during the week, my weekends are left for lounging, guilt-free.

Finally, we take inventory on Sunday evenings. When the family dinner has been cleaned up, the kids are in bed and the Kardashians are cued up on the DVR, we take stock of the weekend. What did we love? What did we hate? How much sand IS there in the back of my car?

And most importantly, how can we do it all again next weekend?

How do you enjoy (or not) your weekends these days?

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  1. liz duncan permalink
    August 24, 2012

    I am the type to try and do things after my 8-5p.m. during the week, but I feel like I’ll get one thing done and then bam! It’s 10:00 and I need to start winding down for work. Weekends are the same. Don’t get me wrong, I do a lot of hanging out on the weekends, but if I don’t get a workout in or something productive going, I get a little depressed about it. I’m always told, “It’s the weekend, relax.” I feel like the weekend is my only time to do all the things I need to do; run errands, workout, paint, clean up, family time. Our schedules are very different from each other, but I like that you were able to find a balance.

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