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My Dream Home

2012 August 11

It’s funny, I have been struggling lately with the concept of a “dream home.” We are in our first home, so clearly it is not a dream, it is what we could afford and while I think we have made it quite lovely, I am constantly looking for our “forever home.”

What I have realized lately, however, is that I am not entirely sure what forever looks like.

Some days I think I want land, others I don’t. At times I think we need a two-story, then I dream about one. I know I don’t want a ton of space (too much to clean), but I want more than we have now.

The list goes on.

Then I came across this home online the other night. It belongs to a DJ and interior designer (surprise, surprise!) who use it as a country getaway in New York.

I think I may have gasped. The windows. The property. The flow. The pool…is this forever? It’s pretty darn close…

The photo above is the first one that drew me in…I love how it just flows from inside to out. The paranoid freak in me would probably never feel comfortable taking a bath in such an open setting, but the dreamer in me loves it.

I love this entryway. The path is so simple and cool.

This living room is so cozy but chic at the same time and I find it’s very hard to achieve a balance between the two. And I love the pop of pink from the flowers, I often do that in our neutral-toned living room, too.

This dining room is heavenly to me. The space, the big windows, the quirky chandelier…love, love, love.

 Back to the master bathroom. Oh good, there are blinds. Gorgeous tub.

Ok, truth be told, I would probably go a little less rustic in my dream kitchen. But I am loving the idea of open concept shelving lately and I like the industrial lighting and tiled wall.

So there you have it, a little glimpse at what my dream home might look like some day…not today, but maybe some day…

*Photos via here*

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  1. liz duncan permalink
    August 13, 2012

    This house is fantastic! You said it’s located in New York? I’ve never been to this part of New York. I used to go to these modern/danish-modern home and design walk thru’s and this is the type of homes I would see and one of my favorite parts was seeing how some of the homes transitioned from inside their home to their back yard. The natural flow between the two is the way to go! Thank you for sharing!

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