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Making My Monday

2012 July 2

This weekend was just what it needed to be: sunny, hot, pool, sangria, BBQ, ice cream…and repeat. And the best part? The week ahead looks like it will offer up more of the same, with a little sprinkle of work and a holiday thrown in.

Here are five things Making My Monday this week:

This post is coming to you from my brand new iMac. It was time for this gal to get a little upgrade and everything is shiny and new and fast (!) this morning which makes getting back to work extra fun.

Little D is starting swimming lessons tomorrow. She did a session last year but hated it (the teacher dunked her, without warning, on her first class…so you can imagine how that went) but she has since learned to love the pool and is now dunking all on her own so I am excited to see her progress. Taught me an important lesson, too — all in due time. They will dunk when they want to dunk.

Dinner tonight with an old friend from high school and we’re hoping to catch a glimpse of the sunset over cocktails here.

Wednesday is a holiday, of course. We have been living in the US for almost ten years now yet still celebrate Canada Day every year (July 1) but I have to say the stars and stripes shining bright on July 4th is always fun. As is the beach, BBQ and beer…

Slowing down. Work has slowed down a touch and rather than go into my usual stress mode, I am embracing it. One thing I have learned after four years as an independent consultant is that every time a door closes, a better one opens. While I wait for the next door, I am going to exhale a little, enjoy some me time and focus on making a summer full of memories for my kids. I just know that a crazy packed schedule is going to come knocking again any day now…

Happy Monday!

*Photo via Pinterest, but I have a sneaking suspicion it’s from Vogue. Is that credit enough?? 😉

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  1. July 2, 2012

    i like your idea to exhale a little…it’s a hard concept to grasp sometimes but one that we benefit from and need. Enjoy!

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