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A Memorial Day BBQ…With a Side of Birthday

2012 May 28

For most of the country, this long weekend signifies the celebration of Memorial Day. But around these parts, it always falls on or around skater hubs’ birthday and so we kick off the summer season with BBQ, beers, some cool tech gifts and a birthday cake.

He started his 36th year off with an early morning surf…not terrible, right??

I have been very into the idea of simple living lately. Reading about “Simplicity Parenting,” trying to cook simple, clean(ish) food, taking everything from my skincare to my schedule down a notch and this birthday party was no exception. Just a fun little backyard BBQ with good friends, kids running amok, and, of course, Heineken.

Breakfast looked a little something like this. Cinnamon rolls, by request. Not homemade, also by request… 😉

Our backyard “theme” is yellow and white. Bright, fun, perfect setting for summer.

The menu? Not vegetarian-friendly.

The playlist? A mix of old-school (ahem, 90s) and new school hip hop that morphed into feel good sing-along tunes from Paul Simon, The Police and…yes, Journey.

We started with munchies, everyone admitted to their die-hard love of Cool Ranch Doritos and I put out a veggie platter for show.

But the real show-stopper was this dip. I mean, show-stopper. Did I mention that vegetarians need not RSVP to this party?? I made it myself, meticulously following the recipe I found online and frankly, was too nervous to try it before my guests arrived. But I dove right in once I saw the smiles of pure bacon delight around the table. It’s that good. I insist you make it for your next BBQ this summer.

I also insist you have an amazing friend bring a “12 pack” of homemade mojitos pre-mixed in darling little mason jars. I did dub this the “summer of the mojito” and we are sticking to it.

The boys drank Heineken. Skater hubs’ beer of choice. I believe there was more than a 12-pack consumed.

And there were the ribs. I come from a rib-loving family. My dad is a BBQ master (he used to grill in our garage during long, cold Canadian winters, with the back door open, parka and hat on, neighbors looking out their windows thinking he was nuts) and I always request ribs at his place. But now I can officially make my own. And dare I say, they might even be better. I follow this crock pot recipe and slow-cook them to fall-off-the-bone BBQ bliss.

I had too many mojitos to Instagram dessert, but it was had by all. Lemon meringue pie (another skater hubs fave), fresh berries and ice cream sundaes for the kids in waffle cups (which are the perfect no-drip cone-substitute for little ones, I highly recommend.)

And of course, there were gifts. Instead of another hoodie or pair of skate shoes (we have plenty, trust me…) I got him a personal how-to session with one of my favorite photographers so he can sharpen his skills and we can stop relying on Instagram for all our family memories.

Though, really, why would we want to??

Happy long weekend!

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  1. Mamacita permalink
    May 28, 2012

    Yeah, I get a lot of requests for “not homemade, Mom.”

  2. May 29, 2012

    Ahhhhh..sounds like a perfectly delightful weekend. I love the idea of simplifying, oh, just about everything. I’m planning a party for my son’s Lower School graduation, and simple (and catered local fried chicken) seems the best approach. I am far from being a vegetarian, and your dip and ribs sound delish!

  3. May 29, 2012

    Looks like such a fun weekend. Glad you had fun.

  4. May 30, 2012

    Everything was amazing and we had a ton of fun!

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