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Making My Monday

2012 May 21

This weekend fed my soul. It started at the beach and ended at the beach and was filled in between with old friends, new friends and my little family of four. It was just a taste of what’s to come for the Summer of 2012 and we LIKED it.

Here are five things Making My Monday this week:

The old friend that came to spend the day with us on Saturday lives up in LA and we are in two very different stages of life right now. She’s in the heart of Hollywood, pursuing her amazing talent as a singer and working her butt off to bring her dreams to life. I am in the suburbs, also working my butt off, but not singing…thank god. Anyhow, we enjoyed a lovely day filled with sunshine, fish tacos, sand castles, homemade burgers and a late night (ahem, 8pm) impromptu hip hop dance party initiated by Little D. But the highlight of the day was when she and I hopped in the car to grab some groceries and she took the time to compliment my marriage and my kids. After spending the better part of the day with us, she felt the need to tell me how she could see the love, respect, warmth and relaxed energy that skater hubs and I try so hard to exude not only with each other, but especially with Little D and Kai. Is it always perfect? Hell no. But clearly it’s strong enough for someone to come in and feel it surrounding them. We are doing something right.

This morning, Little D told me to turn off the water while I was helping her brush her teeth so as not to waste it. Again, clearly doing something right.

I made these last night via Laura at Hollywood Housewife. And it’s Making My Monday that I get to have the leftovers for lunch today. So insanely good.

I took some time this morning, sans iPhone, to take a long walk by the beach. It felt good to disconnect, focus on my health (which I am trying to make a big priority) and start the week off on the right foot (pun intended). But my favorite moment was watching an obviously visiting family of four frolicking in the (freezing) ocean water, feeling the sand between their toes, making memories on their Canon of their time at the beach. And I get to live here every day.

I am going to be busy this week working on a post about celebrity parenting for AllParenting. I have my personal faves from Tinseltown, but would love to hear which celeb moms do – and don’t – inspire you??

Happy Monday, friends!

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