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Making My Monday

2012 April 30

Five things Making My Monday this week:

It is my birthday this week. Another year older and definitely feeling another year wiser…so champagne and cake for everyone!

Lucky FABB is taking place in Los Angeles as we speak and I have been trying to follow along a bit on Livestream and Twitter. It’s inspiring to see so many great, creative, independent minds coming together. And maybe next year I will be worthy of an invite…ahem. 😉

I love it when virtual friends become real life friends and I am excited to go for drinks with the fun and fabulous Fawn of Clean Up On Aisle Four this week.

I just finished reading this. And next up, I have this. Two very different stories, but the fact that I am actually making it through books these days is reason enough to get excited.

Little D is starting gymnastics this week. We don’t “over schedule” our kids with activities because she goes to school full-time and we don’t want to exhaust the poor thing. But we’ve decided she has spent enough time trying to do somersaults on our bed, so we’re taking the leap to the big mat. I can’t wait to watch her soar.

Happy Monday!

*Photo via Pinterest. I swear I tried to find a credit but it was impossible…don’t hate me*

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  1. Bri Oliva permalink
    May 1, 2012

    Hope you have a fabulous birthday!!

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