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Stormy Saturday

2012 April 14

So this week I had a little health scare.

I spent a few days in knots, what-ifs running through my head as I went through the motions of emailing clients, preparing bowls of mac and cheese, reading pages and pages in my book without reading a thing.

I looked at my kids through a very different light. I saw the laughter behind their barbarian-like screams, I saw true need behind their usually whiny tears, I saw an incomparable connection as they crawled into my lap for a story.

I watched the weather with more appreciation. The beauty of the storm clouds that hovered above, praying they weren’t an ominous symbol of what was to come, of what was happening inside my own body, of a life I could potentially one day leave behind.

And then I got the news yesterday. And it was nothing. Just a scare.

Skater hubs and I promptly celebrated over a wine-filled lunch, no kids to be found. Not speaking of the “what-ifs”, only of the “thank gods.”

By 6pm, I was stressing again about an email from an unhappy client.

By 9pm, I was passed out on the couch, my brain fried from too much reality TV.

By 8am, those barbarian-like screams were back to sounding nothing more than barbarian-like.

But in the back of my head, and deep in my heart, I am still watching those storm clouds.

And really, truly seeing the light shine through.

Happy Saturday, enjoy it.


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  1. April 14, 2012

    Glad you’re ok. We had an intense week as well- it definitely made me do a priority check. It’s hard that the bad things are what make us remember the big vs small issues, but I think that often is the case.

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