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Making My Monday

2012 March 26


I am actually thankful for this Monday because it means the weekend is over.

Not only did my cleanse not work out according to plan, which left me feeling like a famished failure, but Kai had a cold on Friday that turned into a “nasty” (doctor’s words) ear infection by Sunday. We spent most of the past 48 hours trying to soothe and comfort him while Little D got her fill of “Dinosaur Train,” rain pounded outside our window, and a lengthy to-do list stared me down with a smirk.

So I am really embracing this Monday and the five things making it for me:

Little D’s 5th birthday party is this weekend. It is so cliché, but it’s bittersweet. On the one hand, she is growing into such a smart, witty, confident, amazingly talented little girl that makes me proud each and every day. On the other, she is growing…and growing…and growing. Which makes me sad. Either way, there will be sugar to get me through. This is the inspiration behind her milk and cookies theme.

Kai has antibiotics now. That’s definitely Making My Monday.

Are you a Mad Men fan? I have been for a while but never moreso than now, because one of my favorite friends is starring in the new season. We watched the premiere with glee last night and now her new HIT SINGLE (!) is the soundtrack to my Monday morning. Seeing your friends realize their dreams after many years of hard work and determination is exciting enough. Listening to it on iTunes is even cooler.

I have been pouring over issues of this and this this morning and reigniting my interior design flame which needed to be heated up.

I have decided to introduce “Meatless Mondays” to our family menu. For someone who only started eating green things at the age of 33 (hmm, wonder why that cleanse didn’t go so well??), this is a fun new challenge. Will share some of my favorite vegetarian recipe finds…once I find them 😉

Happy Monday!

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  1. March 26, 2012

    Love the birthday theme 🙂 We did something very similar with N turned 5 a few months back, Milk and Bookies/milk and cookies. I found some cute little plastic milk bottles and striped straws online and of course a million things on Pinterest to inspire me!

    And that’s cool you’re friends with Jessica Pare- she was terrific last night!

  2. March 28, 2012

    I love the quote. Made me smile.
    Congratulations to your friend!! That’s so exciting. I don’t watch Mad Men (yes, need to remedy that situation), but I heard the buzz over this song. Having given it a proper listen just now, I understand why everyone loved it. Why is the French language so lovely sounding? A French person talking about ant farms would sound beautiful. 🙂
    Glad your Monday was better than the weekend.

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