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We Are Women…We Are Always Shopping

2012 March 20

And suddenly, that one little sentence explained it all.

It all started over dinner with friends one night. In typical “parents night out” fashion, the women were huddled at one end of the table and the men at the other.

Two conversations ensued.

Me to my friends at the girls’ end:

“Great news, I have found our next house and it’s closer to you guys!” Friends to me: “You are moving?” Me to friends: “Well no, not yet…but you know, I need to look. I need to have a goal in mind. I need to have something to aspire to on the day to day.” Friends to me: “Totally get it. What does it look like? Does it have a pool? What color will you do the master?”

Meanwhile, on the boys’ side:

Friends to skater hubs: “You guys are moving?” Skater hubs: “No. We just moved into our house a year ago. We are not moving. She just always wants to look. Can’t be happy with what we have, in the moment.” Friend 1 to skater hubs: “Totally get it. They are never happy.” Friend 2 to skater hubs: “Watch, you get the new house with the bigger kitchen, next thing you know, she’ll want more acreage.”

A debate got underway. Why, as women, are we always “looking”, always hoping for more, always redecorating in our minds?

Enter third friend, who I recounted the whole story to a few days later. “It’s natural. We are women. We are always shopping.”

Insert light bulb moment.

It’s not about disliking our current home. It’s not about the new one. It’s certainly not about…acreage. It could be a lipstick or kids shoes or a book.

We are women. We are always shopping. It’s NATURAL.

It all made sense now, no matter which end of the dinner table you were sitting at.

So much to skater hubs’ happiness, I went and bought a lipstick.


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  1. March 20, 2012

    Ha! I had no idea the guys were having the same convo at the other end! Sutton thinks all I do is shop, however she considers going to the grocery store shopping!

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