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2012 February 29

Paris Fashion Week is officially underway and suddenly my little life deep in the suburbs of southern California feels nothing but frumpy.

The French.

I love them. The streets, the sweets, the cigarette smoke. J’adore it all.

Especially the style. It’s effortless, never “trendy” and surprisingly easy to emulate, even here, where life (and style) can often feel a little less Truffaut and a little more “The Truman Show”:

Summer in the city, done right.

Love this layered look.

Black on black on black.

Now that is how you dress up a classic white tee.

Simply parfait...non?

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  1. livesimplybyannie permalink
    February 29, 2012

    Tre, tre chic. J’adore it all as well.

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