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What I Am Loving…Right Now

2012 February 8

Kai edition.

Clockwise from top left:

We have come to the realization that Kai is not happy if Kai is not eating. No, seriously. We have nicknamed him “Dyson” because he is a human vacuum. Hopefully he inherits his father’s skinny genes later on. For now, Happy Baby keeps us afloat. We are faced with a wall of organic, healthy baby food options at Target these days and this brand has proven to be Kai’s most cost-efficient favorite.

Everyone in the US was all aflutter when Joe Fresh hit Manhattan last year but us savvy Canadians had been scooping it up for years north of the border — in a grocery store, no less. Their kids line is adorable, affordable, and now available for browsing online. We snagged a raincoat for him there on our last trip to Montreal that is to die for cute. And it actually rained this week in Southern California, for once, so my buyer’s remorse was finally set aside.

This was a gift from a dear new friend and Kai has proven he has some serious spinning skills. It’s hipster training for kids, and we approve.

That whole “girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice” stuff makes me want to gag, so when my mom came home from a recent trip with this for Kai, I tossed it aside. Turns out it’s very cute and inspirational and lovely.

Another gift from the same dear new friend (note to self: you owe her a gift or two yourself). These are, hands down, the best baby shoes we have had. I love a lot of other brands, but I LOVE Natives. It’s a Crocs mentality with an anything-but-Crocs style, and since Crocs are banned from our house, it works perfectly. We like the Jefferson in black. They stay on his busy little feet. All the time. Enough said.

Finally, in the health and beauty department…a few months after I had Little D, I came across this awful article about the effects of baby powder, all the nasty stuff that’s in the typical stuff, how it’s banned in the UK and promptly tossed out bottle after bottle. Burt’s Bees talc-free dusting powder (don’t you love that they call it dusting powder?!?) is the perfect alternative. All the benefits of your standard baby powder, without all the yucky stuff. I like to give new mom friends a box full of my favorite baby products once they pop and this is a staple.

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  1. February 8, 2012

    Thank you for mentioning our shoes in your blog post! We’re glad you and your little one love them so much đŸ™‚

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