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So…That’s Me

2012 January 17

Today marked a big day for me.

I have been blogging here for a long time now and this past year marked a huge transition for my little slice of the internet. I gained readers. I gained followers. I started to develop the little community I was looking for. Some of you are mamas like me, looking for a little style and inspiration to break us out of our daily rut. Some of you are friends and family. Some of you…not sure where you came from, or why. But happy that you stop in, nonetheless.

But as my readership grew, I consistently struggled with the anonymity behind WhatWouldGwynethDo. Some people actually thought I WAS Gwyneth Paltrow (am sure she would be thrilled). Some people showed curiosity. Some didn’t seem to care one bit.

But I did.

As I looked at the blogs, Tweeps and online mavens I follow and adore, I realized most, if not all, showed their lovely faces, shared a piece of their personal life, and injected that true personality into their sites that resonated with me…stalkers and weirdos be damned.

So I decided to make the leap. I will still keep photos of Little D and Kai limited. They are mine to love, not to share with the world (and stalkers and weirdos). But I did change my avatar to a picture of me, to give you all a little sense of the mind behind all this gibberish. To give you a peek at the frizzy hair I struggle with so much (flat-ironed to perfection in this pic, of course). To, hopefully, make my little slice of the internet just a little bit sweeter.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. January 17, 2012

    Welcome to public life 😉 I had the same struggle for a while, even scribbling out our faces in our wedding picture in an “outfit post.” But, like you say, when the community becomes just that, it feels somehow wrong to be hiding behind a logo (says the woman with a logo as her twitter avatar).

    • WWGD permalink
      January 17, 2012

      Ha! It’s a big step for little old me, but am sure it will be good. Thx for always checking in!

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