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If I Only Had…

2011 October 3

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A brain. A heart. The nerve. We all know what the scarecrow, tin man and cowardly lion wished for as they traveled the yellow brick road, but if I had a moment to meet with the Wizard as I navigate my own little brick road, my over-packed iCal existence would wish for just a little more time. Not a lot of it. Just a little time for…

Friends. I speak to my working friends on IM throughout the day, but haven’t heard their real-life voices in months. I speak to my mommy friends as we chase our kids across the playground, push swings, and sign in at drop off. I speak to my non-working, non-mothering friends…rarely. A little time for real, meaningful conversations would be nice.

Beauty. I got this amazing face mask last year for Christmas. I still have not found the time to use it. Ridiculous, really, but when I have a spare moment, I can never quite bring myself to use it on myself or my pores. I do, however, find time to squeeze in manicures when needed, I consider them a work expense.

Reading. Yes, I have time to flip through magazines (takes me a good week to get through one whereas I used to do six in an afternoon) and I do turn on my Kindle at night before bed, but it’s usually off, along with my brain, within minutes. A quiet couple of hours to do nothing but read a proper novel is much-needed.

Organizing and cleaning. The walls that have had scuff marks on them for months. The closet filled to the brim with pink baby stuff, despite the fact that that baby girl is now four. The backyard that is screaming for attention. The garage shelving that is not going to put itself up. The pictures that haven’t been framed…or hung. And we’ve lived here 10 months.

Shopping. I know, it sounds superficial, but I truly believe in retail therapy and the race I did around the Desert Hills outlets yesterday with two overtired, whining babies was not therapeutic in the least. I like to shop, to linger, to have lunch, to touch fabrics and to test makeup. And these days, I do none of that and mainly click my mouse, add to shopping cart and…return.

Interning. Trust me, my age and my monthly expenses make this near impossible, but if I had a little extra time, even one morning per week, I would love to be an intern. I never really took the opportunity to test the waters in the real world before settling down on a career in PR (that has done me quite well, thankfully), and I think it would be great to see how some of my passions  come to real life – home design, stationery, publishing.

So the heart I have, the brain I boast (most of the time) and I certainly find the nerve every once in a while, but if the Wizard could look down on me from Emerald City and grant me a few more me hours in the week, my iCal would be eternally grateful.

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  1. October 3, 2011

    I couldn’t agree more. If I could just get a few more hours…while everything else stays frozen in time. Maybe I might have time to enjoy that cup of coffee or have a conversation without looking at the clock. And a day of shopping and lunch would be bliss.

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