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Bah Humbug On Bewitched

2011 September 20

I am not a Halloween gal. I enjoyed it as a kid, of course, and my dad painstakingly made me homemade costumes year after year, though none were particularly original (i.e. cheerleader, clown and baby were as creative as we got), but I didn’t live and breathe for it. Once I got older, I skipped it altogether. I mean, I would still show up at the parties, but was always the stick in the mud who skipped the dress-up game and just went for the drinks. And living in apartments for the better part of my adult life allowed me to avoid ringing doorbells and pumpkin guts with no guilt.

But motherhood has put a serious kink in my costume-free side.

Little D has been captured by the cobwebs in stores for weeks now, pouring over the costume catalogues, deciding what both she and Kai should be, how the house should be decorated, which new bucket she should get for trick-or-treating. She has planned out a road map for the night, is already having nightmares about monsters, and almost cried when we stopped by Halloween City last week to find it wasn’t even open for the season yet. Good thing they have the huge sign mounted out front for nothing.

I want her to love Halloween. All kids should, I suppose. I am just not sure where to find some of this spooky spirit in me. Pumpkin carving? Not with this mani. Covering my house in fake spiderwebs? It might disrupt the real ones I haven’t found the time to get rid of. Candy? Ok, maybe we can compromise on the candy.

Whatever it may take, I will find it in me. I will create the memories, come up with her cool costume (we’ve decided on astronaut, and it will be store-bought, I can assure you that), and proudly stroll the streets come Halloween night, watching Little D bounce from door to door in sheer delight. I will buy a new candy bucket, dress Kai up for his first time out, and maybe even sneak some terrifying tracks onto my iTunes in the days leading up. I will do it for her. I will do it for him. I will do it because they may not take after me and end up loving the holiday forever and ever.

I will do it because that’s what a good mama does.

But I won’t do it in costume.

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  1. September 20, 2011

    Oh, do it! It’s fun. And the kids love it. A little astronaut would be awesome. And think of all the candy. 😉

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