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Married a Skater Boy for a Reason…

2011 June 21

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I helped with a little event in LA today called “Go Skateboarding Day.” Close to a thousand or so kids of all ages took to the streets of downtown to show their passion for the sport, ride alongside some of the biggest pro skaters in the industry, and of course, have their chance to skateboard down some of the busiest streets in the city while police simply looked on, trying to keep the peace.

The crowd was amazing. The energy was contagious. The cops were…more tolerant than expected.

But what really struck me was the number of moms and dads I saw dropping their kids off and telling them to be safe and have fun, even as lines of police on bicycles stood by at the ready.

The dads who actually skated alongside their kids, weaving in and out of the city traffic.

The moms who met their teenage sons at the final destination skate park, armed with water bottles for them, and patiently waited while their kids ogled the pros who were demo’ing before a crowd of hundreds.

The mom who actually drove her kids in from out of state, because this was the closest event to home that would let them channel their energy, celebrate the skate community and meet fellow skaters from all walks of life, who, for even this brief five-mile route, would become their friends and not strangers.

I learned a lot from the kids today. They kept it safe, fun, and respectful.

But I learned so much more from the moms and dads.

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  1. June 21, 2011

    So great! My lil’ 6 yr old girl skates with the boys next door all the time.. I love it! 🙂

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