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Welcome to Mommy Blogger Land

2011 April 25

And what a welcome it was.

Through some fortunate friendly Twittering, I have managed to meet some lovely fellow “mommy bloggers” (or whatever you prefer to be called) and even more fortunately, managed to have my name added to an invite list for a recent “Spa Social” event at the ever so lovely LaCosta Resort & Spa.

A warm Friday evening. The scent of aromatherapy wafting through the air. Champagne in-hand. A little too much champagne to stroll down their one-of-a-kind reflexology path, but I digress. And I didn’t even get a treatment…imagine what THAT will be like.

It was only a short drive away, but felt like another land. A land I have promised to venture back to soon…and often. Going to need to try out that reflexology path, after all.

Photos courtesy of LaCosta Resort & Spa

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