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Boy Meets Girl

2011 April 13

I have made no qualms about the fact that I fully expected Kai to be a girl. See About a Boy.

Not only was it easier for me to wrap my head around parenting in pink again, it also seemed so straight-forward for Little D to be a big sister to…well, a sister. I have a sister. Skater hubs comes from a band of brothers. I polled my female friends who have brothers, who they all claim to adore, but I guess I never truly believed a brother/sister relationship could ever be as solid as a same sex one.

When one goes princess, the other goes punk. When one prefers pink, the other believes in blue. When one is sitting on the couch reading books, the other is jumping on it.

Well, as it turns out…my princess loves punk as much as she loves pink. And pirates in pink are even better. And the couch? Her personal trampoline. And most of all, she loves her little brother. Having only known each other for a short four months so far, there is no one who lights her up like he does, no one who makes her laugh as loud, and no one who brings her as much pride as he does.

They will be best friends. They will learn together. They will make mistakes together. They will make us crazy together.

I no longer worry about their relationship.

I no longer worry about their bond.

I no longer worry about them finding common interests.

I do, however, worry about these pink bunny ears.

Maybe Little D will have to stick to playing dress up with her dolls.

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