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Simple Pleasure #2 – A Life More Organized

2011 March 22

Since I seem to be operating with half a brain lately, my self-diagnosed OCD tendencies are feeling a little neglected. Just heated a bottle and then promptly put it back in the fridge. Ran Kai’s bath the other night and then proceeded to empty it out, before he even got in. Bills?? What are those? And who is paying them??

So to make some more room in my crowded mind, I found this dummy-proof notepad at West Elm over the weekend. Yes, it wasn’t what I was looking for – drapery, throw pillows and useless home accessories were on the menu – but as I realized while browsing bookends that I had forgotten to send Little D to school with a lunch, yet again, it was clear it was looking for me.

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  1. March 22, 2011

    Oh West Elm… How I love thee!
    Those notepads are fab and I need some 🙂

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