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Piece of Cake.

2011 January 31

This morning, I feel anew.

This morning, I slept until 6.

This morning, I let my husband sleep until almost 7:30.

This morning, I had a happy, and most importantly, healthy six-week old come with me to wake up his big sister, and play in her bed for a while, giggles aplenty.

This morning, I had a three-year old who ate her breakfast, got dressed, and almost brushed her teeth without a meltdown in sight.

This morning, the sun is shining over my amazing view of a tranquil, yet pulsing-in-its-own-way suburban landscape.

This morning, my three-year old beat the demons and anxiety of the past six weeks out of her head and gleefully skipped into her teacher’s arms at school for the first time in weeks. And we were almost on time.

This morning, the Starbucks girl didn’t charge me for my second latte.

This morning, I answered some work emails without any typos from over-exhaustion, emptied the dishwasher and the Diaper Genie, and folded laundry before 10.

This morning, I might get to squeeze in a shower.

This morning, I feel like I can do this whole “mother of 2” thing.

Piece of cake.

And this morning, I will have that, too.

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  1. Charlie permalink
    January 31, 2011

    You’re a total rockstar who doesn’t pat herself on the back enough. Here’s to you 10 fold. Here’s to having your cake and eating it too!!! Xox

  2. February 1, 2011

    You deserve ALL of it! Hearing you had a successful day makes me smile. To MANY MANY MANY more happy days ahead.

  3. erica permalink
    February 2, 2011

    What a day! Isn’t it wonderful when it all comes together nicely?

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