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Anatomy of a magazine obsession

2010 May 18

It started out quite young for me — I graduated from Shel Silverstein to Archie’s to the Babysitters Club to my sister’s old Sweet Valley Highs. I was always a reader, a book worm, if you will, was even (proudly) president of the “Battle of the Books” club for several terms and under my watch, we never missed a chapter.

But I really hit my stride with magazines circa grade 7. And though it hasn’t stopped yet, I HAVE found myself at a bit of a crossroads.

For many years now, there hasn’t been a People or an OK! I haven’t read. First, I bought them religiously and stained them with tanning oil poolside on the weekends. Then, through work, they were delivered to my desk promptly every Wednesday morning, so the addiction was hard to break (I called it client research). Nowadays, that I pay for my own magazine subscriptions as a consultant, I either read everything online or snag them from the agencies I work with when I go in for a visit. I just can’t find it in my “put the kid in school, feed the family, drive a respectable car to get the kid to school” budget to dish out money every week for celebrity gossip.

But it doesn’t mean I have completely kicked the habit. It has just matured. You see, while the $2.99 Life & Style may seem like a big old waste of money, the $5.99 ELLE Decor is suddenly a must because maybe, just maybe, someday we will actually get that sweet suburban slice of pie to call our own. And Parents has never been more important not only for my own research, but because the endless images of her fellow little people keeps Little D entertained for days. And we all know how I feel about the fashion books. They are just required reading, enough said. And with girls like Blake Lively now fronting the cover of Vogue, I can get my Gossip fix all in one, more distinguished, place.

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