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The new definition of fine dining.

2010 March 9

I love eating in restaurants. If you are one of my 12 or so repeat readers, you already know that.

I like menus, I like being served by someone in a skinny tie, I like wine even better when it’s poured for me. And for many years, I liked the fancy restaurants the best. The bread was always warm, the atmosphere elegant, the water perfectly chilled, never too much ice. I was a bit of a dining-out snob, and frankly, it suited me – and our pre-baby budget – just fine.

How times have changed.

Tonight darling husband, Little D and I joined some good friends for dinner. Three toddlers. One infant. Six adults. And only one place could possibly fit the bill: The Cheesecake Factory.

When we moved to the US, The Cheesecake Factory disgusted us. The portions? Ridiculous. The fake plants in the entry way?  Ridiculous. The size of most people eating there? Let’s be honest…ridiculous.

But here we are, six years and Little D later, and The Factory has suddenly taken on a whole new light; more on the menu than grilled cheese and apple juice, no drive-thru to speak of, a proper glass (or two) of wine readily available…and yes, a lovely young waiter in a skinny (albeit, white) tie.

Yes, The Bazaar still beckons with its trendy little tastes from time to time, but for me and my most fabulous dining companion ever, nothing is as sweet as a simple piece of Cheesecake.

And did I mention the wine?

The perfect dinner dates.

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