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A whole new set of bold-faced names.

2010 March 5

There are days when I love my job.

Last night, I had the amazing opportunity to be in an amazing room filled with amazing people. I won’t name names, because I hate to party and tell, but there was a very famous virgin, a tiny dancer, a basterd or two, and many more. When you say wall-to-wall (and these walls were made of floor-to-ceiling windows offering stunning views of Los Angeles at night) A-listers, you are referring to my night.

I primped, I preened, I even got a blowout, and I managed to stumble home before my carriage turned back into a mom-mobile and just in time to hear rumblings of Little D thinking about the day ahead.

And now I am up, off to see some more bold-faced names — Charlotte, Max, Oliver — and the rest of the Westside toddler group.

Hope they are impressed with my blowout.

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