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Rain, rain go away…mama wants to go and play.

2010 February 27

I used to love rainy days. An East coaster at heart, any sign of true weather, any break from 73 and sunny, would make my heart sing. I’d curl up in sweats, cup of tea in hand, roaring fire roaring away, stack of magazines by my side, and enjoy watching Los Angeles get a much-needed cleanse.

Times have changed. This “Winter”, we’ve had an abnormal amount of rain in Southern California and local mamas know how inept we become when we don’t have our perpetually perfect weather to count on. East coast moms have to find ways to amuse their offspring indoors for months on end — we have to do it a day or two in a row, and we’re weeping faster than the clouds.

Today was one of those days – even with the much appreciated mid-day nap Little D took, I have had to amuse her in the confines of this 1,100 sq. ft apartment for going on 10 hours now (single-handedly to boot because rain in the city means snow in the mountains for my darling husband). The kicker? That same darling husband who is shredding his day away in Big Bear also shredded all hopes of parenting-by-numbers with his very strict rules on television, so I can’t even plop her down in front of a Nick Jr. marathon without feeling guilty (had I known his philosophies on kids and TV years ago, I would have been re-thinking that whole “I do” business, trust me).

We’ve read books, we’ve done puzzles, we’ve watched her goldfish do laps. And as I type, the finger paints are just about to dry up — three more long hours away from bedtime.

In 30 minutes (I try to wait for 6pm, feels more respectable), I will pour a little glass of red and settle in for the homestretch…silently toasting to my fellow mamas on the East Coast for all their amazing work.

Oh wait, that’s her calling from the other room…

“What’s that, love?”

“Hell no, you cannot paint on the wall…!”

Tomorrow’s forecast? 65 and sunny. There IS a God above those clouds.





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  1. andi state permalink
    March 4, 2010

    hahahaha!!! i like the pictorials. really brings it on home!!xx

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